General Conditions

Air Travel

Holidays in this brochure are available on Air Malta scheduled flights and other airlines as specified on respective pages combined with other carriers where necessary and/or stated. Extra nights can also be supplied separately.

Additional Services

Flyaway are not responsible for any additional services and/or tours booked while the client is overseas. Such bookings shall not form part of Flyaway, nor be regarded as a separate contract.

Cancellation by Airline

Holidays will be cancelled for reasons amounting to ‘force majeure’ such as hostilities or political unrest, and/or failure of other parties to honour their obligation to us, or for matters beyond our control. In the event of any cancellation or alteration, at least 3 weeks prior departure, we will offer the closest comparable alternative holiday or a full refund. Such an offer will be made in writing. In the event that the alternative offered is not accepted in writing within two weeks from date of issue, then it will be deemed to have been refused, in which case Flyaway will refund the equivalent of the amount paid. If alternative offered is of lower standard than that requested, Flyaway will refund the difference to the party concerned.

Where a minimum number of passengers is required for a tour to take place, and this number is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the said tour. Should any unusual and/or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control arise and prevent the operation of a tour, Flyaway also reserves the right to cancel that particular facility.

Cancellation by Passenger

If land arrangements are cancelled prior to date of commencement of stay, the following charges will apply unless otherwise stated: 2-5 days prior to departure – cost of 3 nights’ accommodation; 1 day prior to departure or no show – cost of whole stay. Clients staying less than 3 nights will be charged the full cost of stay. Where airline tickets have already been issued, a standard cancellation fee of 50% of the airfare applies except for TunisAir Express 70%. Cancellations on or after day of departure 100% of airfare applies. Taxes are refundable.

Cancellation of Flights

In the unlikely event that the airlines concerned should withdraw any of their flights, we will arrange the most suitable alternative reservation, and advise you the soonest possible. If this new arrangement is not acceptable to you, you may withdraw your booking and receive a full refund of all monies paid, provided we are notified within 7 days. This offer does not apply to simple changes in our schedule, nor amendments to our schedule caused by civil strikes, wars, riots, weather or technical delays, closure of an airport, national disaster or emergency or for any reasons over which airlines have no control.


Alterations may be made up to one week prior to date of commencement of holiday (charges apply). Any changes requested thereafter, which result in cancellation of days during the confirmed period will be deemed a cancellation in which case provisions as per paragraph 5 will apply.


  1. Tickets are issued under the terms and conditions of carriage of the airline
  2. Where the booked accommodation and/or transportation is not available on arrival, Flyaway will be responsible for arranging the alternative services which shall, when possible, be at least of a similar standard. If only lower standard is available, Flyaway will refund the difference in price. If it is impossible to make an alternative arrangement, or these are not accepted, on reasonable grounds by the client, Flyaway, where appropriate, will provide the client with transport back to the place of departure.
  3. Flyaway will not be held responsible if any of the contracted services cannot be honoured n full due to any of the following:
    1. When the passenger is responsible for any failure on his/her part
    2. When a particular service is improperly performed by a third party not directly related to our services
    3. In the event of unavoidable and/or unforeseeable circumstances

Flyaway liability is limited to the respective international convention. Notwithstanding the above, assistance will be given to the affected passengers by Flyaway or its representative in the particular location.


No refunds can be paid in the case of standard items and any meals in the packages not being utilised by the passengers. See paragraph 5 regarding flight tickets.

Tickets & Travel Documents

All passengers must hold valid and effective travel documents and visas &medical certificates where applicable. Tickets, vouchers and other travel documentation will be given to you after final payment has been received by us or the agent, and as far in advance of departure as is practical or necessary.

Health & Passport Requirements

Kindly refer to the notes on each page listing health & immigration guidelines for each featured destination. All information is correct at the time of going to print and is subject to change without notice. Passengers are advised to re-check this information for themselves prior to departure to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.


Airline insurance cover applies ONLY while a passenger and baggage are aboard its flights, and this is only in accordance with its conditions of carriage printed on your flight ticket. You are therefore advised to take out adequate comprehensive cover for yourself and your baggage to be covered throughout your stay. Travel insurance is available and is strongly recommended.

Holiday Duration

The duration of packages is indicated on the relevant pages. People arriving at their hotel during the night or early morning are reminded that the night of arrival is considered the first night of their stay, to ensure that their room is immediately available. It might be necessary to book an extra night, if you wish to have accommodation until the end of your stay, depending on the timings of your flights. In line with international practice, check-in and check-out is usually around noon in both cases, but may vary according to the hotel.

Days of Travel

All days of travel indicated on packages are subject to change, as our packages are calculated ahead, on advance flight schedules, which are unconfirmed at time of print.

Travelling Between Seasons

When travelling is performed between seasons, hotel rates will be calculated by combining the applicable rates for the respective season. It is advisable that a quotation is requested from Flyaway.

Triple Rates & Rooms

  1. The triple rate applies ONLY when three adults are sharing ONE room
  2. Triple rooms usually consist of a twin room + an extra folding bed

Child Rates

  1. The child rate applies for children who have not reached their 12th birthday, sharing a room/bed with two full paying adults, unless otherwise stated. (Not an extra bed)
  2. When child shares two adults, the adults pay twin rates, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Only ONE child per room can apply for child rate, unless otherwise stated, and this NEVER includes breakfast or meals.

Package Prices

Our prices are based on hotel rates, aviation and transportation costings etc, as known at the time of going to print. While every effort will be made to maintain stated prices, we reserve the right to add a surcharge to your account in the event of substantial increases in costs, or an adverse variation in exchange rates, occurring after publication of this brochure. The actual relevant increases will be reflected in the new prices. Taxes are not included.

Tailor-Made Packages

In the case of tailor-made packages, requests have to be forwarded in writing, clearly listing all the requirements. Bookings of this type are also subject to all conditions listed here.

Other Costs and Taxes

Published prices do not include any airport taxes, port taxes, VAT, visas, landing fees, handling fees, city taxes or any similar charges.


A deposit equivalent to 25% of the total package per person must be paid within 14 days of booking unless otherwise stated. The balance must be paid 30 days prior to departure date. Failure to adhere to the conditions will result in an auto-cancellation. Bookings within 21 days of departure full payment is necessary as advised at the time of booking.

Amendment Fees

Only one amendment allowed per booking; other amendments incur a fee of €12 per amendment unless otherwise stated.

Difficulties & Complaints

It is imperative that all complaints while on holiday are directed to our handling agents overseas, whose telephone number is found on your voucher. Complaints upon return will not be valid unless they had been previously reported to our handling agent. Failure to do so may invalidate your claim as this will have denied us the possibility to rectify the problem on the spot. In any case, complaints together with supporting evidence must be strictly made within 30 days from date of return.

Other Information

  1. The word ‘tour’ or ‘holiday’ in this brochure is taken to mean one full programme, i.e. air travel and land arrangements only, unless otherwise stated. As a rule, transfers are never included, unless otherwise stated.
  2. Our selection of tourist class hotels have been chosen for their good value, location & basic accommodation. Please keep in mind that in other countries hotel standards differ, and may not necessarily provide the same level of service as would be expected locally in the same category. Flyaway will not be responsible for any shortcomings on any alternative Hotels offered.
  3. When a hotel facility is listed in a hotel’s description, this should not be taken as included in the package, but that use of facility is, more often than not, at an extra cost. Some hotels may charge extra for use of air-conditioning.
  4. Any particular physical or health conditions should be made clear when booking to ensure that we can meet your needs.
  5. Budget accommodation denotes simple and basic standards, generally better described as guesthouses. Please ensure that clients are aware of this prior to proceeding with a booking. Air transportation falls under general conditions of carriage as outlined on your flight ticket.
  6. Packages throughout the brochure cannot be decreased unless authorised by Flyaway personnel.
  7. All hotel/resort rooms are inland views unless otherwise stated.

Transfer of Bookings

In the event of a client whose booking is confirmed with a deposit, Flyaway can accept transfer of booking to other passengers, subject to:

  1. The relevant documentation not having yet been issued
  2. Acceptance of change by service providers
  3. Charges may apply
  4. An obligation of full payment prior to issue of documentation is to be undertaken jointly and/or individually by the parties involved. However, ultimate responsibility for full payment remains with the person actually utilising the booking.

Your Travel Agent’s Role & Responsibility

It is the client’s responsibility to check carefully the booking details and all documentation related to the package booked. In case that any inaccuracies are found, you are to contact your travel agent. Please note that Flyaway is not responsible for any advice given to you by your travel agent unless that advice is first given by Flyaway to your travel agent. It is the travel agent’s responsibility to convey all information carried in these general conditions to the passenger. In the event that a travel agent fails to do so, the agent in question is to assume responsibility for any direct or consequential damage. Reference is made to the Booking Form and our Special Service Voucher, wherein you are required to endorse same, signifying your acceptance of these conditions.

Flight Supplements & Duration of Packages

Flyaway packages are based on a minimum of 2 nights and maximum 1 month. Flight supplements may apply and will be advised upon booking.

Flyaway Vouchers

Flyaway vouchers must always bear the Flyaway logo, foreign handling agent and contact details. Flyaway will not be held responsible for any land arrangements issued on any other voucher.


For sales enquiries please phone Flyaway on 2345 0300 or e-mail [email protected] or your preferred travel agent.